Kartridge Help

SDK Information

This first version of the Kartridge SDK has two primary capabilities: getting user information (including authentication) and submitting stats that we can use to put achievements on your game.

We have C++ and Unity/.NET (C#) implementations with Game Maker and Adobe AIR versions in the works. We don’t yet have tutorial or README docs, though they are coming soon as well.

Download the latest version of our SDK:
GitHub Repo

Reference docs can be found here:
C++ Documentation
Unity/.NET (C#) Documentation

How Do Badges Work on Kartridge?

Badges, our platform-wide achievements tied to Kartridge’s metagame, work similarly to how they do on Kongregate.com:

  • They are hand-crafted by us with input from the developer.

  • Badges are limited with only a selection of the best games getting them. This adds a lot of power and weight to the achievement as a whole.

  • We only put a few on each game. This keeps them scares and collectible. Free games typically get 1–3 badges while longer paid games will likely have 2–6 badges.

  • New badges are promoted on the platform and it’s an ever-green value to the game as earning badges will be the primary method of leveling up a player’s Kartridge account.

  • Only games that submit scores through our SDK are eligible for badges. Please note that while implementing our SDK by no means guarantees your game will get badges, it is a requirement.