Kartridge Help

Game File Requirements

In order to ensure the best compatibility with Kartridge, here are some essentials to keep in mind when processing your game.

General requirements

  • All games must be uploaded as a Zip archive.
  • The archive must contain an executable file that launches the game.
  • Installers are not supported.

We will scan your archive and launch the executable file nearest the root level. If multiple executable files are found on the same level we will launch the largest one.

The following executable names are ignored:

  • dxwebsetup
  • vcredist

The following executable are only used if no other executable is found:

  • CaptiveAppEntry
  • CrashReport
  • install
  • python
  • UE4PrereqSetup
  • uninstall
  • vshost

Windows requirements

  • The executable must have the `.exe` file extension.

macOS requirements

  • The executable must be inside an `.app` directory inside the `Contents/MacOS/` sub-directory
  • The executable must have Unix execute permissions.